Ibogaine Therapy Clinic & Treatment Center

Envision Recovery is comprised of people that work endlessly to bring Ibogaine therapy to the masses. Thanks to our clients, we are able to bring the light and hope to Envision Recovery. We are ever evolving with each new treatment; constantly elevating our standards higher than the industry has ever expected.

We are leaders in our field because our philosophy is simple: we believe wholeheartedly in our Ibogaine treatment plans, and in the natural ability for people to heal themselves from addiction. Our specialists have taken great pride in watching countless guests of ours get their life back, and overcome their unforgiving addiction.

As the oldest organization in the Americas known to work with Ibogaine, we are gracious and respectful to Ibogaine’s African origins.

That said, today we’re the experts in our field, and we are confident that we will provide a gentle and therapeutic path to recovery for our guests, all in a scenic Costa Rica backdrop.

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