The Ibogaine Experience & Effects

A Lucid Explanation of the Therapeutic Qualities of IBOGAINE Therapy

Ibogaine therapy is a healthy and effective treatment for opiate addiction and withdrawal. It’s non-addictive and doesn’t need to be taken on a continuing basis.

Ibogaine is the principal alkaloid obtained from the root bark of tabernanthe iboga. Its unique ability to appease opioid withdrawal symptoms has brought fourth its worldwide fame. In recent years, the therapeutic aspects that follow Ibogaine treatment have surpassed addiction interruption and have fallen under the light of psychology and psychiatry. The introspective dream state induced by Ibogaine in an individual has proven to eradicate symptoms of PTSD and many forms of depression, including atypical and chronic.

Classification as a hallucinogen in the late 1960s landed Ibogaine in the category of schedule 1 substances, which, to this day remains to be its current status.

Thanks to the Chilean psychiatrist’s Claudio Naranjo’s groundbreaking work, many psychiatric communities now recognize Ibogaine as a fantasy enhancer or empathogen. This is due to the fact that Ibogaine does not visually distort the optical nerve or auditory sensory abilities. Manipulation of the sensory signaling as well as the distortion of the optical nerve causes what is typically known as a hallucination.




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