Oxycodone Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation

Oxycodone was originally intended to treat severe pain, either from a chronic condition or resulting from a surgery or accident.  Oxycodone is also highly addictive and has become one of the most abused drugs in the world.  Envision Recovery provides oxycodone addiction treatment, oxycodone rehab and Oxycodone Addiction Treatment with Ibogaine Therapyoxycodone withdrawal treatment at our center in Costa Rica.  Each individual’s health, safety, comfort and successful oxycodone treatment are our highest priorities.  We strive to give each person a relaxing and comfortable experience to begin treatment for oxycodone addiction, and an unprecedented introspective experience through ibogaine to stop the addictive cycle.

Oxycodone is usually found in a pill form and may be known under many brand names, including Percocet, Endocet, Tylox, OxyContin, Percodan, Endodan, Combunox and others. Oxycodone is usually combined with other painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen.  The relaxing, euphoric state that oxycodone creates quickly becomes mentally and physically addictive.  We provide oxycodone addiction help and treatment with ibogaine hydrochloride for oxycodone addiction.  Treating oxycodone with ibogaine can break the habits, mental ties and physical dependencies that make opioid addiction so hard to escape.  Ibogaine therapy allows the individual to break addiction through deep self-examination and psychological, emotional and spiritual introspection.

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