Opioid Withdrawal Treatment

Opioid use often begins without the intent to abuse the drug . Opioids are used as strong painkillers, and are often given to patients after surgeries or for treatment of other painful conditions.  The prolonged use of opioids, however, can cause addition. Opioids like OxyContin (oxycodone), Vicodin (hydrocodone) and Demerol (pethidine), among others, easily become both physically and mentally addictive.Opioid Addiction & Withdrawal Treatment Center

Breaking opioid addiction means overcoming opioid withdrawal.  Opioid withdrawal symptoms are daunting and often the reason why individuals resist treatment or cannot overcome addiction.  We offer opioid withdrawal treatment to make withdrawal more manageable and begin building a drug-free life.

Without assisting opioid withdrawal medications, symptoms of opioid withdrawal are intense and can be seriously harmful.  Opioid withdrawal symptoms include muscle aches, anxiety, agitation, sweating, severe abdominal cramps, vomiting, nausea and others.

Without proper supervision opioid withdrawal can be dangerous.  Our medical staff conducts careful treatment for opioid withdrawal and administers ibogaine hydrochloride to lessen the severity of withdrawal and make it easier to end opioid addiction.  During the withdrawal stage, ibogaine is also administered, under supervision, to begin the introspection, healing, forgiveness and insight phase.

Don’t face opioid withdrawal alone. Detoxify and free yourself from opioid addiction with ibogaine treatment today. Call 215-853-2287 to learn more.