Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

Breaking methamphetamine addiction is a process that is almost impossible to do on your own. An addiction to methamphetamine wreaks havoc on your mind, your body and your life. The things you used to love and enjoy become consumed by meth and your life becomes focused on the drug. Our meth addiction treatment program uses new methods to redirect your energies and give you clarity, peace of mind and freedom from the drug. Using ibogaine meth treatment, you will unlock the power to be free of meth addiction and see your life in a new way.Meth Addiction Ibogaine Treatment Program & Center

Our meth rehab center in Costa Rica includes an attentive medical and counseling staff focused on your comfort, health and your recovery.

Methamphetamine treatment is a complex process and every aspect of the mind, body and soul must be addressed to be successful. We administer meth withdrawal treatments to make stopping meth use easier and less jarring, and use methamphetamine addiction treatment therapy with ibogaine to interrupt the addiction cycle. Ibogaine is a natural compound grown in the Africa that produces an introspective psychological and spiritual state, giving you mental clarity beyond addiction and allowing you to view your life with purpose and direction.

Learn more about meth addiction treatment with igobgaine and callĀ 215-853-2287 to start your journey.