Clonidine for Opiate & Heroin Withdrawal

One of the first serious steps in overcoming an addiction to opiates such as heroin or Oxycodone is to stop using the substance and be prepared for the detoxification process  that follows.  Because the body is physically addicted to the effects that the opiate addiction causes, ceasing to use the substance results in opiate withdrawal.Clonidine Therapy for Opiate & Heroin Detoxification & Treatment

Opiate withdrawal is often the first serious obstacle to quitting the substance, as the withdrawal symptoms are often intense and wreak havoc on the body.  In many traditional rehabilitation programs in the United States, the drug clonidine is used during opioid withdrawal.

Clonidine may be used in clinical settings to mitigate and lessen the intensity of withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to break opiate addiction and reducing the fear surrounding opiate withdrawal.

Opiate withdrawal symptoms, without any assisting medications, include severe abdominal cramping, sweating, vomiting, anxiety, hot or cold flushes, pounding heartbeat, shaking and agitation, among others.

Clonidine is a relaxing agent that makes the withdrawal process much less intense. Clonidine relaxes the individual undergoing withdrawal, reducing agitation, restlessness, anxiety, pounding heartbeat and other symptoms. This makes it easier to see detoxification all the way through to eventually allow the key agent in rehabilitation, ibogaine, to do its work multiple weeks later.

It is important to know that the administration of Clonidine must be stopped 14 days prior to ibogaine treatment.  Clonidine is commonly prescribed during opiate detox in the U.S. and the symptoms of withdrawal are all supervised by medical staff to ensure the client is healthy and safe throughout the process.  While clonidine therapy is a well researched choice for opioid detox treatment it is not enough to ease opiate withdrawals.  Ibogaine therapy however, eases opiate withdrawals and more importantly resets the opioid receptors in an opiate addict’s brain to a pre-addicted state.  Although ibogaine therapy functions very well if it follows a traditional opiate detoxification treatment, it is important to note that clients must wait 14 days prior to experiencing ibogaine therapy in order to allow the blood pressure to normalize following a clonidine assisted opiate detoxification.

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