Ibogaine for Addiction Treatment

 Ibogaine Treatment for Drug, Alcohol & Substance Abuse Addiction

Addiction possesses a person’s life, clouding the happiness they felt and shutting out the things that used to be important to them.  A life affected by addiction quickly becomes focused exclusively on the addictive substance or activity, and other goals, dreams, thoughts and drives are forgotten.  Envision Recovery provides an effective avenue for breaking the cycle of alcohol, behavioral and drug addiction using advanced ibogaine treatment detox and recovery.  Ibogaine treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is a drug rehab program that lets each person achieve sobriety and clarity, and maintain that state of mind into the future.

Addiction comes in many forms. It can be a physical, emotional and psychological addiction that comes from drug and alcohol use. It can also be a behavior or activity, such as gambling, eating or sex that becomes a psychological and emotional crutch. Ibogaine treatment, conducted in the luxury setting of the Costa Rica treatment center, and administered by experienced medical professionals, works to stop physical, psychological and emotional dependencies, break the cycle and allow the brain to reset. This paves the way for long-term healing and a road to a healthy life through each person’s own strength of mind.

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