Debunking the Detox Myth

A common misconception regarding the use of Ibogaine is that it eradicates opioids from the body. Put simply, Ibogaine does not detox the body from opioids, nor does it accelerate the amount of time it takes for opioids to leave the body.

Instead, Ibogaine functions as a bridge to recovery, as it reduces the vicious symptoms of withdrawal, and more importantly, it resets the neurobiological equilibrium of the brain, meaning it will cancel out opiate signaling programs from mu and kappa opiate receptor sites.

What’s more, Ibogaine retunes nearly all of the brain areas that are responsible for euphoria and well-being, while the body simultaneously rids itself of opioids. The major benefit of Ibogaine is that unlike rapid detox methods, Ibogaine has a calming and therapeutic effect on the user. Generally speaking, rapid and more traditional detox methods are violent, anguishing and aggressive to both the central nervous system and person detoxing.

The Ibogaine method allows users to detox in a more comfortable and less painful way, while also allowing their brains to reset. Why make an already difficult ordeal more painful when you don’t have to?

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