Ibogaine for Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism Abuse Ibogaine Treatment Center & ProgramAlcoholism is one of the most widespread and devastating addictions, affecting people all over the world. Envision Recovery provides an alcohol detox and alcohol rehab program to stop alcohol addiction and heal the root causes of the alcohol abuse. Our ibogaine alcoholism treatment program provides a new and unique avenue for overcoming drug and alcohol abuse. Alcohol treatment through ibogaine gives clients a powerful introspective experience that breaks dependent behaviors and reprograms receptors in the brain that trigger alcohol dependence.

In the safe and relaxing alcohol treatment center in Costa Rica, with careful monitoring by medical professionals, clients undergo alcohol addiction treatment through oral administration of ibogaine in a small pill form. Our alcohol addiction treatment program differs from other alcohol treatment centers because it does not work to instill new ideas, utilize outside religious organization or experience, or cover up alcoholism through strict protocols or rules. Alcohol recovery through ibogaine works at the root of the problem and uses the clients’ own emotional, psychological and spiritual experience to see past alcohol abuse and recover their former self. In this way, our alcohol rehab centers offer long-term recovery that is not dependent on outside programs, learned behaviors or rituals, but focused only on renewing clarity within the mind.

Learn more about alcohol abuse treatment through Envision Recovery and ibogaine rehab for alcohol dependency. Get effective alcoholism help and explore our alcohol treatment programs.