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Envision Recovery is the original medically supervised Ibogaine treatment center that specializes in psychotherapeutic treatment sessions that help interrupt opiate addiction.  We specialize in opioid addictions and the recovery process that follows an ibogaine treatment experience, providing our clients with the care and guidance they need to get through a difficult ordeal.


Please note, we offer medically supervised treatments in a luxury setting at our world famous boutique facility in a mountainside paradise in Costa Rica.  Although Ibogaine treatments are available and beneficial to anyone, they are renowned for helping opiate addicts in their rehabilitation.

That said, it’s important to note that certain medical screening requirements are needed beforehand to determine whether ibogaine treatment is right for you.  In fact, we have built our foundation on respect  for our guests first, as we are the gold standard in medically supervised ibogaine treatment, safety protocols, and advanced opiate addiction recovery programs.

 What is Ibogaine?

The Ibogaine Alkaloid is naturally occurring and can be found in the inner layer of the root bark of  an African rainforest shrub known as tabernanthe iboga.  Ibogaine therapy has been recognized around the world for its novel effect in interrupting heroin and other opioid addictions.  Ibogaine treatment sessions also have also shown longterm benefits when used to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and fibromyalgia.

How does Ibogaine Treat Opiate Addiction?Ibogaine-Key

Ibogaine’s principle metabolite is noribogaine which is responsible for many of the positive benefits associated with ibogaine treatment.  Noribogane acts on euphoriant receptors in the brain resetting the CNS through beta-endorphin and dopamine modulation.  Ibogaine has also been shown to revitalizing glandular function such as awakening the endocrine system in opiate addicts that have chosen to experience ibogaine treatment for heroin and other opioid dependencies.

How Long Does the Ibogaine Treatment Last?

Historically, rehabilitation industries have continuously promoted after-care programs as a way of suggesting to addicts that it is necessary to invest extended periods of time into expensive recovery programs that basically babysit individuals until they are deemed to be able to integrate back into society.

Conversely, ibogaine therapy differs in that recovery occurs three days following your treatment. After,
A new found sense of freedom and hope arises in the individual allowing us as free thinkers to move into our life with a greater sense of who we are, what we can attain and what the future may bring.

How much does Ibogaine Treatment Cost?

Ibogaine treatment centers outside of the U.S. offer different priced programs throughout various locations world-wide.  Envision Recovery’s most cost affective ibogaine therapy services can be found at our world renown Costa Rican location.  Envision Recovery provides ibogaine treatments for opiate addiction through our seven day detox program at affordable costs.


Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Our ibogaine treatment center offers medically supervised drug detox sessions in an old world luxury environment with a staff of registered doctors and nurses.

Over the last twenty years, our organization has brought together a handful of medical professionals that have opened their own respective treatment centers worldwide. These ibogaine treatment centers have been around for over a decade, treating opioid addiction, PTSD, depression as well as offering introspective self-development sessions that promote personal growth.

Our ibogaine treatment centers are located throughout the world from Costa Rica to European countries such as Prague, as well as The Bahamas, Thailand and Nepal. We treat multiple health conditions that are psychosomatic in origin, however, here at Envision Recovery we specialize in opioid addiction interruption and psychotherapeutic insight derived from the rapid eye movement phase that one experiences during the introspective dream state associated with ibogaine treatment.